Make This Work With Microsoft Edge

Please make this site work with Microsoft Edge, pretty please with bits and bytes on top.


Microsoft edge browser is very secure and user friendly from a company I's ethics and motives, personally I trust much less.


i think you need to be able to work cross platform, is speak poorly of your IT capabilities if your have to qualify your browser....if I send an email campaigne, it makes me wonder if you have tested customer viewing on edge browser, if so I feel that I need to research a better email partner that can work with you know how many window 10 os were down loaded in the first week of release?  that is a BIG number and many if not most choose to use the stable, well integrated edge browser.  So this little pop up saying opps you use edge speak very poorly of your IT team.  It is like saying opps, you are using a Mac OS better load are discounting a big player in the market and a true tech leader in innovation.


Thanks for listening.


Thanks for posting about this!



Hi @MikeW882

Can you tell me more about what isn't working when you work in Edge?

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Even after clearing cookies, etc. and restarting the browser, after hitting the Login button I get the Loading screen, I see a timeout URL flash in the address bar after about five seconds, and immediately get


Please Log In Again

You were likely logged out because of:

  1. Safety concerns prompted by a long period of inactivity.
  2. Your account was open in multiple browser windows or tabs.

Go ahead and log back in, and contact us if you see this message often.

Log in


Neither 1. nor 2., above, are pertinent to this case.

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Accessing CC for Windows 10 mobile would be a great improvement. Granted a small share of the market, however, used by more professionals. The best move would be to build a Windows Application, once built it will run on any device running Windows 10. In addition, working within the Surface family, and the Surface phone coming out next year geared solely for professionals.   


I use Edge and was able to view all my info until today.  When I called customer support I was informed unless I moved to Google Chrome or Firefox that I could not be helped. Constant Contact does not support Edge. How much is Google and Firefox paying Consant Contact to move customers from Edge?

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When will your product be compatible with Microsoft Edge?  I could understand when Windows 10 first came out that your product wasn't compatible, but that was probably more than 2 years ago and you still haven't bothered to make the necessary changes.  I do not like to have to use Firefox only when I need to use your product, Firefox is buggy and I don't like to use it and Chrome also frequently causes my systems to crash.  I often have to close out and restart my work when working in Firefox.  Please do the work to make it compatible with Edge.

Thank you.

New computers use Microsoft Edge. Are you planning to update your site so we can use Microsoft Edge browser?
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Thank you for the feedback @JimS447,


At the moment we don't have an ETA for compatibility with Microsoft Edge.  I'm moving your comment over to a like thread so we can continue to gather feedback on this.


How **bleep** cruel and lazy of you.  We joined your company using Microsoft Edge, and now I find we can not manage a mailing with Microsoft Edge?  Edge comes with all Windows 10 machines out of the box.  Is google paying you not to support?  Unfair, and wrong.
When a person joins, you can detect what browser is being used, and when you detect Edge, you should then, right then, inform a customer that they must use a different browser.  UNFAIR UNFAIR UNFAIR.

Were I a senior manager out there, I would get on the phone with Microsoft, contract to have one of their senior Edge programmers fly down to your offices and solve this problem.  I am 71 years old, you want to hire me to come out and solve the problem?
GET OFF YA BUTTS and solve the problem.


Good Morning,

Yesterday, I lost over 3 hours of work and had to reenter my extensive mailing lists because I used Microsoft's Edge Browser and at the very end the Browser would not import my prospective email customers.


I highly recommend sending an email to each new customer that would identify specifically what Internet Browsers to use.


Thanks, and have a great day!

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