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I have earned badges for my newsletter, something I proudly displayed on my website when the badges were something you could put on your website. When the Constant Contact policy changed, it looked like I no longer earned the badges, turning the badges into something that worked against me, because it looked like I no longer got them and anyone would assume it's because people no longer had such a positive response to my newsletter emails. Constant Contact should either have a campaign where on social media they list the winners and what they do and a link to the winning emails, or something else that actually means something. I know how many people read the newsletter, I don't need a decal to remind me or care if Constant Contact notices... but what would make it meaningful is if Constant Contact gave winners a free way to gain recognition from having a popular email.

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BETTER INFORMED IDEA: I just got on Constant Contact, and I see there's info about what a badge can do for someone - I see it can be downloaded etc... however, the idea of having Constant Contact reach out on social media not connected to their company, but the business associated with the newsletter so people in a photographer's community, for instance, saw that the winner had a winning newsletter. That promotion could refer back to Constant Contact and get more CC users in the photographer's online community, and much more help the photographer through Constant Contact. 

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Hello @ElissaH,

Thanks for reaching out! I'm interested in hearing more about your idea and want to make sure I understand what you would like to see happen! Are you referring to the badges that we distribute to our All Stars? Are you looking for more promotion on our social media pages of who our All stars are? How would you like to see this promoted and on what channels would you find this to be most helpful?

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