Managing SMS contacts & campaigns

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It would be helpful to be able to manually enter/import contacts from a previous SMS marketing platform. Also, it would be helpful to apply different columns to tags. Also, the character count seems drastically lower than other SMS marketing platforms. I'm hardly able to include text with emojis and images. These are crucial features we appreciate from our previous platform but only made the switch since its easier to have everything in one place and we are able to segment campaigns by tags.


Hi @katumana


Thanks for sharing this feedback with us! Both having a higher character count and having the ability to import SMS contacts are feature requests we are in the process of tracking feedback on. In fact we will be happy

to continue collecting requests and use case examples through this thread. As for collecting

further details and including tags, how would expect tags to be included? Does including contact detail fields on the landing page for your sms campaign help fit your needs?

Status changed to: Gathering Information
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