More sorting options on campaigns tab

Hi! It would sure be great if my campaigns were listed in order of their scheduled send date, WITH the send date showing!!!!!

Status changed to: Voting Open

Hi @JOELLENK. Thank you for the feedback and I can see how having this type of sorting option would be useful. I will open this idea up for voting. 

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i want to view campaigns in date * time order - both sent
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Hi, I came here to suggest this. 

I see the improvements made as of today, and they are great but why don't we have the capability to sort our campaigns by Send Date??  Only by "Last Modified" or Date Created, which isn't as helpful.

Being able to sort campaigns by send date would be very useful for us to be able to get a quick rundown of the things we have recently sent so we can plan our marketing efforts better and not send out the same message too frequently.

Please add this!


Thank you.


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