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More than one default address for test emails

More than one default address for test emails

I would like to send to more than one test email address

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Hi CC,

I tend to send test emails to the same colleagues all the time (to managers for approvals). It'd be great if the software was a bit more intuitive, remembering previous email addresses that have been used. Then I wouldn't have to type out the same addresses each time or go to another tab to copy and paste email addresses into the address box. Could save a lot of time as I use this function so regularly - it's tedious!




Actually, you can use your browser auto-fill to prepopulate with all 5 email addresses. I've been doing it for years! 

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Please provide details on how to set browser for auto-fill addresses on test emails in Constant Contact. Typically I use Chrome. I send out drafts to 5 email addresses/various clients and it's a bit of a chore to type them in each time I send a draft.

Thanks, JT