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New Customer Experience

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New Customer Experience

A couple of things that have been frustrating - Only a 2.0MB file size for transferring email addresses over - our list of 35K was over 7MB, which we had to split several different ways. Although CC is "free" for 30 days, or trial, it's only for 100 email addresses. Next, we wanted to set up a campaign and send a "test" email, which was not yet unlocked due to the list review. We completed the list review, but had not completed an email review. Even speaking with the review specialist.....he asked if we had did a test email, but then caught himself. Last, coming from MailChimp, they gave us "ratings" on customers - how often the opened our emails. 1-5 stars. When asked, CC doesn't offer this. We'd like to target high opening customers with special offers. Just some thoughts
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Hello @RichardM7652,

Thank you for taking the time to type up all of that very detailed feedback to us! We really do appreciate the feedback from our customers as it is something that helps us to make future changes on our end. You are correct that during trial you are only able to send to 100 contacts. Was this fact not clear to you? Were you expecting to send to your full list?

I'm also interested in hearing more about your "ratings" idea. If you had the ability to see what contacts were most engaged, where would you look to find this information in Constant Contact?