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Just wanted to pass along that the new webpage design is not good. The campaign concept is not efficient and too hard to read. This has prompted me to start searching for other vendors, or combination thereof, to meet my needs.
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Hi @JohnN566

Very sorry to hear this -- can you tell me a little more about what you are looking for or what is too hard to read? Are you looking at a specific menu or list?

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Agreed. It's terrible.


Slow to load, emails/events/surveys all jumbled together, just not efficient at all. Who was the nimrod who approved this design?!

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I would suggest members of the design team try to use their design...use the old one as well.  Each time I log-in, I am reminded that CC does not worry with customer needs and service.


If the design team cannot figure out the poor design in terms of font selection, font size, inability to read and find 'campaigns', have to reset filter to for events only, the sort method has changed at each log-in, and more, then they should go to other business people who can provide feedback.


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When is Constant Contact going to listen to their customer?


Please do not ask me to clarify something that is simple to understand?


Too hard to read means too hard to read!

A lack of sort without date order of the event?  It is needed.  Have the software engineers ever put an event together?  More than one?  Terrible to find one event in a list of many!


Please do something!  Good Grief!



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Continue to have bad results using the new design.  Is there a plan to address the poor design?

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