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The new format is terrible. It's slow to load, campaigns are listed in a very weird order (last modified is not last modified for some reason), and everything is a jumble. Please let us choose to return to "classic mode."
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Thank you for the feedback @AIAEastBay,


Sorry you're having trouble with the last modified sort feature.  I took a look in your account and noticed that you have multiple events, which can make this view look a little out of sort.  The last modified filter is looking at the last time you made a change to a campaign (event, email, etc.)  It can get tricky because if you schedule an event for the future you may not actually go in modify that event for some time-- so it will show the event start date on the campaigns page even though you haven't 'modified' it in some time.


To get a better view of your emails and events chronologically, it may be helpful to first sort by 'Campaign Type' from the left hand side.  Then if you look at your events you can sort by the start date.


Hope that's helpful!


Thanks--we do the campaign sort, and then have to sort by "newest" because...what's showing as last modified isn't the last modified, at least not by our staff. It would be very helpful if we could select the default view to be what it was in the classic mode--sorted by campaign type and by date.


This new format is inefficient and very frustrating. I don't understand why your engineers had to break something that worked just fine.


Why don't they fix something that DOESN'T work?!

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I agree w/you Sidney 100%!  We've been a Constant Contact user for 10 years and have NEVER encountered anything as bad as this recent "upgrade".

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