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New Image Editing Tool - TOTAL FAIL

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New Image Editing Tool - TOTAL FAIL

I really dislike the "new" image editing tool. Something that used to take me seconds has now eaten up my morning. Every time I make an edit to an image and try to save it, it distorts the aspect ratio. And where are the frames? Why fix something that's not broken and how about communicating with your customers?
CTCT Employee
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Hello @AndrewM3,

Thank you for all of your feedback on the image editor. I am very sorry that you feel like this change was not communicated to you well enough. We were using a third party service that allowed our users to edit their images and this service was unexpectedly discontinued. We tried to extend our usage of it for our users, however the third party deemed the discontinuation permanent. Due to the discontinuation, we were able to quickly implement a newer image editor that offers a lot of really cool features to our customers. I will definitely be tracking your feedback about the aspect ratio and the lack of frame options. 

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I agree. It's driving me nuts. You cannot grab a corner and change size of photo either.

CTCT Employee


Thank you for your feedback! It sounds like you want the ability to resize your image. Are you looking for a way to set specific image dimensions for your images?

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I agree. This photo editor is awful.  Either go back to the old one or I need to change email marketing ... photos are what sells our place. We need them to look beautiful, always.  Very disappointing, especially for Christmas and New Year's mailing. Please correct .... 

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I agree.  Please do something to correct this. I can't use CC with this happening to our photos -- too important for us.