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New proof review layout

New proof review layout

The new layout causes additional steps if you want to double check the from and subject line info - the new proof only allows you to view the body of the email, not the from or subject line info so you don't get a complete proof. Second, the new window to input email addresses for the proof does not recall past emails so you have to input all emails repeatedly if you send to the same people constantly - takes a lot of time typing them in or cut and paste. Is there anyway to include the complete proof with subject line/from line and have the email window with auto populate for past email addresses?
CTCT Employee
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Hello @NatalieT654

Thanks for submitting feedback to us. I want to make sure I completely understand your request. Are you referring to the screen for previewing your email campaigns? 

Senior Member

I agree that this is an issue - not showing the subject line means that I can't do any last-minute checks, and if I want to see what subject line an old email had, I have to send a test version to myself. It would be more usable if the subject line and "from" fields appeared in the campaign preview screen.