New website dashboard glitches in Chrome

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Hello, I have been using Constant Contact for almost two years, always with the Chrome browser, and recently with the debut of Constant Contact's new home dashboard I have been unable to use the site in Chrome. The top navigation (Campaigns, Contacts, etc.) does not load and the "View All" button to see campaigns is non-functional. I end up in a loop of refreshing the page, it booting me to log-in again, the site recognizing that I'm already logged in, and then I'm stuck on the nonfunctional page again. When I switch to Firefox everything works fine, but I am not a Firefox user and it is inconvenient to switch browsers to use a product we pay hundreds a month for.
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Hi @NeuhausEdCtr. Our site was having issues loading in Chrome yesterday, including the navigation bar not loading but we've seen most of these instances being resolved. Have you been able to work in your account successfully since posting? 

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I'm getting similar problems. Unable to see several of the options — like our menu of client lists — when using Chrome. I, too, have used Chrome with CC successfully for many years until now.

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