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Finally, a way to see the campaigns we design in the order they are scheduled to go out, and not the order that we last worked on them. It would be nice if you had a function in the list as well, to ORDER BY SCHEDULED DATE or something like that. JP, Atlanta GA

Status changed to: Voting Open

Great feedback @JasonP144.


Glad you like the calendar view.  I'm going to open your other feedback up for voting!

Real Estate

Something that would save a TON of time for me would be to add the time to the scheduled eblasts on the main page/folder where all the blasts are shown. I send out five or more blasts a day and I can easily double book emails for a certain time.  Currently I have to click on the email to see what time it was scheduled, I'd like to just be able to see it on the page in the folder that shows all the other emails (sent, draft & scheduled) so I can scroll through and take note.   The date is already on there, just need the time too!

Status changed to: Closed - Not Enough Votes

Thanks for that feedback! At this time due to the number of votes we will be closing this idea. Feel free to always come back and submit your idea to us again!

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