PLEASE gIve users a choice of interfaces

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I have run Constant Contact accounts for a few different companies and have learned that the online interface an account has depends on when it was created.


The current interface I am using is terrible!   I can't even export a csv report or see how my clients open their emails (desktop or mobile) as I could do on previous accounts.  


PLEASE give users a choice on how they want to use your services - like "basic" or "advanced".  I've been asking for better report exporting for this version and keep being told "soon".  I don't see why it's so hard to provide something that you currently do on other verisons.



HI @AnnM683

Thanks for your feedback on the account layout. Is the mobile/desktop metrics the only thing you can think of that you are looking for right now? You are right that the account type depends on when it was created--we have since moved all new customers to a new layout with a more streamlined product offering. With the new account layout you can see mobile/desktop reporting by entire account rather than individual email but I understand how if you were using this data it would be helpful to have back. 



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