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Hi - There used to be a much greater number of templates available that had the "Dear" greeting at the beginning of the template. Our customers really enjoyed that personal aspect of the newsletter, now the templates, although there is a reasonable selection, are just non-personal. We would like to have that greeting made available on a wider selection of templates. Thanks Jonathan

Hi Shelly,


Thank you for providing us with your feedback! Fortunately, we have the ability to add the "greeting" in any email template! What you are going to do is click into the block where you would like to insert your "Dear (first name)," and on the left hand side of your screen, you will see the "Greeting" button. After you click the "Greeting" option, you will then enter your greeting (Dear, Hello, etc.) then click "Insert".


Feel free to check out this FAQ as well if you have any questions!



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