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I am annoyed and offended by the labeling of the photos.when I look at the baby categories. There seems to be a need to label races of mothers that are black (african american). However white (caucasian moms) do not have the label. EX. happy african american mom with baby Ex. happy mom with baby. There is ABSOLUTELY no need to do this. A mom is a mom and if other races need to be specifically labeled then ALL races should be done the same way, including white (caucasion moms/dads etc.). It is ignorant and offensive at best. I would like a reply!

Hi @FeliciaL20 

Thanks for pointing this out. I can understand your concern here! We don't own the Pro-stock images or the title/descriptions. These are pulled directly from ProStock as part of the integration. I have passed your feedbck along to the Library team here anyway so they can bring it to ProStock for you. Thanks!

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