Pop-up ads when logging in

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Do not make me click through your class ads to get to my work when i log on. I pay you for this service. I don't want to spend my time dealing with unsolicited material from you.

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Hi @ChristineP15811 what ads are you seeing when logging into your account, can your provide a screenshot of what you are seeing? Do they appear as a pop-up? Is there any option to close it out? 


Reply from @ChristineP15811 

 They are your ads for CC programs. I understand that you are making offers in case your customers want them but I’d like to refuse once and then not have to click through every time I come back in to work


Hi @ChristineP15811 thanks for this clarification! Can your please provide a screenshot of what you are seeing? Knowing the specific ad you're seeing is helpful information for us to pass on to our Product Team.

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