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not amused that I cannot close the pop-up "build a bigger email list to get more business". What gives?
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Hi @ThomasC656. Do you recall what page you were on in your account when this pop-up appeared? Did you try hovering your mouse over the upper right hand corner to see if the X may have been hidden?

This pop up won't go away and clicking the action button just brings up a useless help page. Please get rid of it, I can't add contacts with this thing obscuring half my vision!!

Hi @ShilpaP. Do you usually have a zoom set to larger than 100% in your browser? This can cause pop-ups to not display properly. 

I am unable to remove the pop-up message titled "Build a bigger email list to get more business" I am not interested in that at the moment. It is in the way of my adding contacts.
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