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We have been with you a long time, however we don't use your templates or your services.  We have our own development team.  Your prices have increased in hundreds and hundreds over the past several years, but for what if we are not using your other features?  For long-term clients who are with you and who give you our business - you should provide different variations of what is possible.  Using your templates, charge more! Using your social, charge more! But if it is just custom code sending to a few thousand recipients... come on ladies... get it together?!  Not all of us need all of your features, but we can mage lists and use you as a mail server, support team once in awhile if things aren't working.  I think your pricing for custom-code users needs to go WAY WAY down. 

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Thank you for getting in touch with us to supply us with your feedback. At this moment in time we will be closing this idea due to the number of votes. Feel free to reach out at any time to submit your idea again.

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