Problem: Need to Edit the "Start Delay" (how long after someone signs up to list until series starts

Constant Contact Rep. by phone tells me that their new (non-legacy) emails series does NOT allow us customers to directly Edit (change) how long after someone joins an email list until they get the first email in the series. Once your series is Active, there is NO WAY to simply change the "Start Delay". So if you want to change the start from 10 day to 20 days, you can NOT simply do that. Instead, you have to COPY the entire series, rename it, save it, then go back and deactivate the prior series (and then delete it), then Activate the COPY series, (but emails already in the pipeline will NOT get this series since the Trigger is NEWLY-ADDED emails, not ones already on the list. If, like me, you have ~30 of these series (each with 15 emails), you will need to do all of these steps ~30 times! HUGE waste of time!! They need their programmers to FIX THIS and let us simply Edit the "Start Delay".
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Hi @PatrickF953,

Thank you for your feedback. I do sincerely apologize about your current experience. As this is a new tool, we are continuously working on improving this feature, so again your feedback is appreciated. I have opened up your idea for feedback from other members of our community! 

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