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For multiple days I have tried to look at the in depth detail of my campaign reports and every time I receive an error message that says Constant Contact will be looking into it and resolve it shortly. However, it has never been resolved. How do I get this issue fixed so I can review my campaign reports?

HI @ShannonP026

I am sorry to hear this is happening, can you help with some details?


- What browser are you working in?

- What specific reporting link are you clicking on when you see this error?

- Is this happening with all emails or just one in your account?



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It would really be nice if you "fixed" the reporting so that it would show my campaigns dated later then May 7th. Right now clicking on the reporting tab gets me absolutely nothing.
the "time sent" for the email I sent today is incorrect. It was scheduled on Sunday 19th to go to out today at 10 AM PST which is when it went out. the "time sent" is listed as Sunday 19th
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