Restrict Fields to what they are for

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Restrict Fields to what they are for

As an example I am stunned that your phone number area can accept letters. Or that your email area doesnt require an @ symbol and domain.
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Hi @DoloresS1 - Thank you for taking the time to provide this feedback. Were you seeing these lack of field requirements when adding contacts to your account, or was it in a different area such as a sign up form on your website? I'm guessing it was when adding contacts, but please let me know if I'm incorrect. 


When I tried to add an address without an @ symbol or domain I received an error that the email format wasn't valid:add contacts.png


I might have misunderstood, so please feel free to correct me. It's definitely important to make sure we're adding valid addresses!


As for the phone number, I definitely see your point. I think it may have been left to include letters in the event your contact is a business with a phone number like 1-800-CALL-[Name], but I could see this scenario not being a very common one as well. I can take this feedback back to our team.


Thank you again for the feedback.