Robot Phone Person & Hold Music

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When I call in for tech support I am greeted by a robot that asks me to state my issue so that I can be directed to the correct department. While the robot is "thinking" there is the sound effect as if the robot is typing on an old keyboard. not only is this an outdated sound effect, but the fact that I know there is not an actual robot typing away makes this sound effect annoying and also comes across as taking too long to get me to the correct department. It is as if I have to wait for the sound effect to fully play before transferring me. I am already frustrated that I am not talking with a live person, but to have to wait for the sound to play is even more frustrating. Even if it takes time for the transfer to happen, just have it be silent after leading with "We are transferring you to the correct department". Also, once on hold, please give the option to wait without music. Often I am multitasking when I am on hold and the music is very disruptive. Also, the song selection is pretty bad. A good example is when you are put on hold by Go Daddy. They give you the option to wait in silence. Or when you call Apple they let you select from different styles of music. Just wanted to pass along my thoughts.
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