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Sales pushiness

Sales pushiness

When creating this new account... I am a return user. I got a very quick sales call after creating the account (10 minutes?), and the sales guy was really pushy to get my credit card number. He knew I was a return user familiar with the product and pricing. Did he have a deadline to get my order today?! Not necessary! He did not address my design problems, but wanted my credit card first. Another turn off. His name is **Removed By Moderator**, 855-339-0054.

Frequent Visitor

Wow, this is so disappointing to read. I was thinking I was the only one who was feeling bombarded by these sales reps...


I signed up for a free Constant Contact trial late on a Thursday night, and lo and behold: I receive TWO emails from a sales rep Friday morning (11:30 AM & 2 PM) seeing if I can chat to discuss my Constant Contact options. I then receive a follow up email saying they called my place of business but I was unavailable (of course, I'M WORKING).


The final straw was me receiving an email this morning after another personalized phone call to my business.


I've used Constant Contact in the past years ago. If only their Customer Support was as responsive as their Sales Reps...