Scheduled campaigns

Is there a way to get a list of scheduled campaigns so we don't schedule over?
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Hey @CatherineR181, there sure is! The Campaign page has the option to sort your campaigns by "Status", which you could select "Scheduled". I've inserted an image below to help show where those options are. 


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That does show me which DATE the campaign is scheduled for but not the TIME unless I'm missing something.  We schedule multiple campaigns on the same date and need to see the already scheduled campaign time as we like to spread them out by 1/2 hour increments.  Yes we can view the detail in the calendar mode for each campaign but REALLY would like to see the Date in the Status list followed by the time.  I'm really hoping your expert development team can make this happen REAL SOON.  Thank you!


I totally understand now @CatherineR181, thanks! You are correct in that the scheduled time is not displayed, it's just the date at this time. I've opened this suggestion up for voting as being able to view the time it's scheduled for would definitely make it easier to organize in your case.



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