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Search campaigns doesn't seem to work

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Search campaigns doesn't seem to work

I've used exact spelling and sentence case for search campaigns and it only seems to pull the Legacy campaigns, not current ones
CTCT Employee
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I'm interested in learning more about your experience! What were you searching for when trying to find the campaign? What was the name of your campaign? 

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It's REALLY annoying that I cannot search campaigns! I put a complaint or two in about this a while back and it's still not resolved. I just searched for a campaign I did on Bellacana wines and searching the word Bellacana results in nothing, however I know I sent an email on it May 16 (after hand searching through your calendar). I complained about this over a month ago! Rediculous it's not fixed yet. Sorry, I don't have time to dig right now to find the ticket number for your rep who agreed it was a problem on your site.

Hi @SabrinaK203. I'm sorry this is happening for you. We've seen similar instances happening as well with other customers. I was able to locate the campaign using the Search feature under the Reporting tab. Does this work for you (I also noticed it was spelled Belacana in the original email)?