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When sending emails it shows the recipients count (ie 10 recipients) and allows to click... I think a popup of the chosen recipients emails would help us decide whether we should send the email or not... If that make sense... :smileyface:
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Hey @ParkerT7, thanks for your feedback! I've opened this idea up for voting. Make sure to "Kudo" this idea if you agree with this idea!

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Thanks, Chris! Looks, like I didn't respond in time. Just a thought though, because even though I see the recipient number before I send, I'd like a quick check to see if people I know (should or shouldn't) receive, once lists and tags are chosen. 



Hey @ParkerT7, thanks for the additional information! I totally see how this would be helpful so you can confirm you're not sending to someone you shouldn't. I am curious as to what the best way to display something like this would be. With most lists containing 50-200 contacts, it would almost need it's own page for a user to view the contacts. Do you think a temporary popup window would be a good way to view this information? 

You're able to view the lists on the contacts page but I understand the idea of this is to minimize the amount of pages you have to navigate as well as creating a sanity check prior to scheduling the campaign. 

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@Chris__D, Yes to minimize navigation you hit it on the head..
I'm not sure how a new tab (page) opening would work, maybe temporary? or a link to get back to the send page quickly?

I thought maybe a quick popup with a scroll or something might be useful... Or, maybe a way to search quickly within the same popup for contacts I know def shouldn't receive the emails (maybe they've been overloaded and I want to untag them). Either way I think it would be useful, just thought I'd give my two cents... 

CC is my favorite and I've used the other 2 or 3... Thanks, for listening and always looking to make the service run better for us! 

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