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Segment Improvement

Segment Improvement

Please allow the option to have an or and not just an "and" with the list critera. Right now if I want to add a list to my criteria, it will only do an "and" and I would like to do an "or" so I can just add the people in the list.
CTCT Employee
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Hello @DoreenR9,

Thanks for reaching out with this idea! Currently with segments you can do list A or List B ( are you just looking for the opposite and?) Would you be able to tell us what the segment that you were trying to create was and what you wanted to use it for? 2019-08-16_16-50-39.jpg


Thanks for your response.  I would like there to be the option to do an "and" or an "or" when adding a list.  Since we can't select multiple segments, I was trying to add a list to the segment to include the individuals in that list.  Once I selected the list, it automatically puts an "and" completely is the opposite of what I want.Screenshot for CC Segment Suggestion.png












What I am trying to accomplish is to add all the contacts in a list to the segment criteria, but that isn't possible as it is doing an "and" which makes the names in the list to be included with the other criteria.  Hope that makes sense.