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Create a screen where the creator of the project must agree for it to be sent when something isn't complete. I understand complete can be relative, however, all fields must be filled before it can go out.  If a field isn't used by the creator, have them be requried to put n/a or some other indication that they'e acknowledged that it isn't filled in  and are choosing to forego that information.  Just a recommendation.  Not holding my breath that it will improve, but you ask, so I am giving you my input. 

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Hi @KimberlyT158

Thanks for posting. Do you always have another person create your email for you? If so, have you thought about using a role for that person so they can't send out?

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Thank you for your feedback. I hope you have found Hannah's suggestion of setting up user roles to be helpful. At this moment in time we will be marking this as closed. 

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