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Sign-up form flexibility

Sign-up form flexibility

We would like to be able to change the order of fields requested in our sign-up form. For instance, we have a Middle Initial field that is important for us, but it is currently placed way below the other name fields. This makes little sense and may be annoying to the medical professionals whose interest we are soliciting.

Seconded. Having the same trouble here. Very disappointed there's no capability to rearrange form field order.

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Status changed to: Voting Open

Hey @Michele-UVMCMIE and @StephenW498, thanks for the feedback! I can totally see how being able to reorder the fields in your signup form would be helpful and I've gone ahead and opened this idea up for voting. Make sure to "Kudo" this post if you agree with this idea! 

Thanks again for sharing this feedback!

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All field forms are 'moveable'

Add a Text field or a Question Field

Label the field i.e. Middle Initial:

To the far right there is a column titled - Rearrange your selected fields (and sections):  

Find the Middle Initial:  

Using the icons to the right click on the Arrow Up or Arrow Down to move the  Middle Initial between First Name: and Last Name.