Step by step text for adding a link and including a picture

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Step by step text for adding a link and including a picture

The current help for 1)adding a link to an email or 2) including a picture or graph in an email is a series of confusing screen shots that are difficult to follow.  For each of the above I want a simple step-by-step text as to how to do each.  The process for each is convoluted and unless I do it often I can't remember the entire process the next time.   

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Hi @MikeB8386

Thanks for sharing this, I'll get this along to the Knowledgebase team so they can look into this article. Do you know where you are getting lost exactly or does it seem like the entire process is a challenge? We're happy to help next time if you would like, just give support a call. 

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I just sent an email with a link and all I did is copy it with the text.  The problem is when I have to use your library to store a file that I want to later insert into an email.  I can usually figure out how to upload a file from my computer to the library but how to set it up for linking to a document and then including the link in the document is where I get lost.  Your help has a bunch of screen shots but it's not clear how each step is accomplished or in what order.  I want a simple step-by-step text, e.g., Step 1 - do this; Step 2 - do that, etc.