Stop Pulling the Rug Out Fom Under Me

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When I walk away from a project and come back to the same screen, I expect to be able to continue my work. As it is, I can type in hundreds of words, work for an hour, only to find out -- ha ha - I had been automatically logged out. Puff. There goes an hour of my life. All you have to do is have a pop-up that says "You are logged out. You need to log in or you won't be able to save your work." Seems like a no brainer to me.
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Thank you for the feedback @DavidT98681,


Your account will log you out after a period of time of inactivity-- but you should be seeing a pop-up message prior to that happening.  After 15 minutes of inactivity you should get a pop-up that asks if you are still working?  This allows you to 'keep working' without being logged out if you click on it.  That message should last 15 minutes as well.  Are you typically stepping away for longer than a half an hour?


Hell, happens to me all the time. I get called away for a quick meeting, question - and I'm not in front of my computer to "keep working" - and bam . . . Should have an auto-save. Yeah, no brainer.

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