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When you're filling out the subject line and preheader if you select all the text and delete it force closes the pop up and you lose your text. It's been happening to be for a couple months now and it happens on my work PC and my Mac at home.
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Hi @GregN39,

Thank you for providing us with your feedback! I do sincerely apologize about this issue. This is an issue we have been following, so I would greatly appreciate some further insight from you. When you select all, are you using a keyboard short cut? Or are you highlighting the text to delete it? If you are highlighting the text, do you know if your mouse is leaving that Email Setting pop-up? 


Tested it out and it seems to be when I use the cursor and highlight the text to delete it and I happen to move the cursor off the pop-up. It doesn't seem to be happening when I do select all with my keyboard short cut.


Hi @GregN39!

Thank you for replying and letting me know this information! I will pass this information along, but will also open up your feedback for voting from other Constant Contact Community members to see if they are experiencing the same issue. Thanks again! 

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There is a dilemma that occurs when working in the pop-up window, like adjusting the subject line of an email, or changing the link of a photo on the email.  When working in it, everything's fine - but if I move my mouse cursor outside of the window while still working/having something selected inside the window, the window closes and all of my progress is lost.  This is especially frustrating when working with links, where I frequently have to "drag and select" a portion of the link to adjust and change - often times, when I drag and select, I move my mouse cursor outside of the (small and constricted) window space, and it closes.  I'm not sure who had this idea - but it's awful.


I work with haste and a deadline, and don't want to spend the time to ensure that my mouse is CONSTANTLY staying inside the bounds of the pop-up window for fear of losing all of the changes/progress made.  I can't imagine any scenario in which this is helpful or beneficial to the user.  All of my colleagues that use this program have also complained about this inconvenience.  Just this morning, I spent a number of minutes writing and perfecting a subject line, only to drag and select a portion of it, confirming my selection when my mouse was outside of the pop up window, and losing it all.




I guarantee this problem occurs many times every time I use your program, and as stated in the subject line here, it is rather infuriating.  Again, I fail to see how such a feature is useful in any way possible - I would highly suggest getting rid of the feature all together.




Zachary McLellan,

Web Content Lead at Service Lighting/

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