Templates and Images with dates such as 2015

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I was looking at Templates for Valentines day and saw a nice one ---- labeled Valentine Roses.  BUT this has a 2015 date in the image.

I experienced a similar disappointment with some images for New Years - lots for 2015 but only a few with the 2016 date.


I'd like to suggest that any templates not include a date - or perhaps better make the date editable so that we can change it if it is wrong.

Its no good getting a template in Feb for Valentines day - we need it now to prepare sales emails for customers who will be ordering for Valentines.

Ditto for any other holiday or celebration - July 4th - Thanksgiving, Memorial Day etc etc.  If the year is an integral part of the image make it editable or remove or ... fix the dates and provide images/templates at least 2 months before the event so we can plan/use them.



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Thanks for posting about this, we're working on getting all the templates updated! 


I found that all the templates should have not only the dates but the titles and images be editable.  For example, I may like the color and style of one for a certain holiday, but want to replace the title or some of the images with other titles and images. E.g. remove a heart and make it fireworks, remove Valentine's Day and make it 4th of July -- but use the basic designs and colors of the given template.  It would be much more helpful if the templates were designed in layers so that we could work with them.

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Better idea; similar to the way you can tailor a custom greeting based on the customer's first and/or last name, why not do something similar with the dates? So instead of inserting "Greeting" and saying I want people to see, "Dear (first name)," I could select "Date" and chose "Month, Day Year" or "DD/MM/YYYY", or a number of other options. Then, when the email sends, it keeps it at the date you scheduled it to send out.

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