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Constant Contact is now bordering on the unusable!! What happened? Trying to do anything on a mobile device is mostly impossible. Using a desktop computer is doable but still not great. The image editor is rubbish compared to the previous one. Not happy!
CTCT Employee
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Hello @TheStudioCV,

Thank you for reaching out to us with your feedback! We always want to work on improving the product for our customers and I want to hear more about your experience. What types of edits are you doing on a mobile device? Are you using the Constant Contact app? What is it about the image editor are you not happy with? 

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Response from @TheStudioCV

Hi Candace,

We do the majority of our business management, including our Constant Contact emails, using mobile devices

Although not perfect, we were able to work around some of Constant Contact’s shortcomings when it comes to using Apple iOS devices.

The latest iteration of Constant Contact however is almost impossible to work with on iOS, resulting in us having to use a computer. The UI is not designed for mobile computing.

The Constant Contact app is of limited use as it will not allow edits of emails created on the Constant Contact website. The emails that it allows us to create are too simple and don’t allow us to use custom templates.

We use frames around a lot of our photos and were spoiled for choice with the previous image editor. The new editor is the opposite with limited choice. Combine this with a UI not compatible with iOS and makes for a very frustrating experience!

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Thank you for answering my questions as this information is very helpful to us! I think you make some really great points here and I will be opening this up to our voting section where users can vote and comment on this idea.

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Many thanks Candace!