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The landing page doesn't allow me to change the graphic for Facebook

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The landing page doesn't allow me to change the graphic for Facebook

Hello, The landing page doesn't allow me to change the graphic for Facebook. This is really bad for social and creates low engagement. Please fix it. Thank you!
CTCT Employee
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Hi @JaimeT8!

Thanks for taking the time to provide us with your feedback. I do apologize about this experience. To accurartely pass on your feedback, I have a couple clarifying questions. Where on the New Landing Page experience were you looking to add this graphic? Were you looking to add this link to the thank you page of the Landing Page? Are you looking for similar icons that are available when you create an email campaign? 


The actual page looks fine.  But this is what it looks like on Facebook.  I'm sure your developers will know where to change the image reference that Facebook grabs. That's what I can't change and needs to be added in.


Screenshot 2019-10-14 at 16.29.52.png

Status changed to: Voting Open

Thank you for the reply, @JaimeT8! I agree that having a relevant image helps to make your landing page stand out and represents your company better on social. I'll open this up for voting.


I did want to point out that if you unselect the default image by clicking on it and then click the + sign, you can manually add your own image to the post. 


Hi Caitlin! That's not true anymore (for a long time now)... Facebook changed this because of some websites spreading fake news and misleading uses with images. You can add an image but you cannot change the default image that it pulls via 'scraping', so you end up with a carousel. We've been active on Facebook for over 10 years and have over 2M fans, so we're pretty sure about this. Check for yourself, of course! Thanks :smileyface: