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I am a little frustrated to see that you are no longer able to choose a page number you want to jump to when searching through campaign/events. Many times I need to back track and look up events that occurred a year or so ago - which could be on page 15-20. Now, I not only have to scroll down to the bottom of the page each time (since the arrows went away at the top of the page) but I also have to skim through each page one by one instead of quickly jumping to it. When I type in an option to 'search' for it, that doesn't exactly make it much easier since it shows all emails, events, etc...
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 Hey @LauraV1, thanks for your feedback! I do understand how having the page options at the top of the page was very helpful and am opening this idea up for voting for that issue. I wanted to also note that you are able to input the page that you want to visit by typing in the number. So say you are on page 2 and want to jump to page 23, you'd click on the box that shows "2" and type in "23" followed by pressing "Enter" on your keyboard. I've included a screenshot of this option below. Does this accomplish what you were wanting as far as jumping between pages? 

Screen Shot 2018-12-31 at 10.58.21 AM.png


Love the new search feature, but wondered if you can place the page sort back at the top of the page too? It is only at the bottom, and makes it difficult when searching by date.
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Hey @AnnN, I'm glad you're enjoying the new search feature! Are you referring to the option to navigate between each page of the search results? 

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