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Thumbnails don't show correct image

Thumbnails don't show correct image

We often create new emails by copying old ones and updating the header image and text. I notice that in the thumbnails, it shows the old header, not the new one. This is disorienting because it looks like the wrong email. I wish the thumbnail could reflect the current email, not the very first incarnation of the email.
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Thank you for the feedback @testt54547,


When you preview your campaign it should update the thumbnail version you see on the campaigns page.  I took a look in your account and it appears the thumbnails are matching up appropriately.  Do you have an example of one that isn't matching up?


I'm hopping on this thread as I am having the same issue. I just opened my draft in preview, as was suggested above, to see if it would the thumbnail image would update and it has not.

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We also have the same issue. The campaign thumbnail on the campaign list page does not update if you make a change to the campaign (such as an image change), or it sometimes does not generate correctly (images are omitted). The preview did not make the thumbnail update. I also tried refreshing the page and logging in and out. Using Chrome. Any other ideas on how to force it to generate a new thumbnail would be appreciated.

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I am having the same issue.  I replaced the image in the newsletter but the original image still shows in the thumbnail.  Very disconcerting. 


I would also like to regenerate a thumbnail for a campaign - we also copy previous versions and if we are not careful to be sure to update the content at the right time, it will 'stick.' 

Same problem, Constant Contact...can you please fix this? I have 2 drafts, and I need to delete one of them, but I am too scared, because each is showing the opposite one's thumbnail! If I try to schedule the *right* one, it looks as if I've scheduled the wrong one. Errrrgh.


Same issue here!

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Same here! This is the thumbnail as seen on the campaigns page.  We have been working on this off and on for several hours, on different computers, with many many (oh, the pains of collaboration) saves.


This is a screenshot of how it actually appears as we are working on it:


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Campaign Thumbnails do not update as they should.
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How do I update the preview image of an email that I created and then changed the look of after making the thumbnail image? Would really love to see that the latest version of the newsletter reflected in the thumbnail preview image.