Time Zone Scheduling

Allowing me to send out scheduled emails based on my customers time zone would be mazing.


Currently, when I schedule an email it is based on my time zone, and will send to recipients at the same time, regardless of where they are. For example, I'm in Arizona so when I schedule an emailf or 5 a.m. AZ time, those on the East Coast will see it at 8 a.m., while those on the West Coast are receiving it at 5 a.m. However, it would be great if everyone could receive the e-mail at 8 a.m., so no matter where you live, the email is being delivered to your inbox at 8 a.m. Other software like offers this feature, not sure why Constant Contact does not. 


Great feedback, thanks for posting!

Status changed to: Voting Open

Thanks for the feedback @AlyssaA015! I've gone ahead and opened this idea up for voting!


Is this possible yet? Most email platforms allow this so I assumed Constant Contact would have no problem doing this but I'm not finding any solutions.


Why is this still not possible?

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Is there a time zone resolution yet?

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I agree, my company has a lot of international customers–all over the world. Being able to segment by time zone would save me so much!!

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