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Training Webinars

Training Webinars

I find it insulting that you would seek to charge clients for a training webinar. That makes me want to seek another vendor.
Status changed to: Voting Open

Thank you for the feedback @HelenC10.


While we do charge for some of our training webinars, we also have many free options available for our customers. 

If you visit our blog site ( and select Webinar Only on the left hand side you will see a wide variety of free webinars as well.


Hope this is helpful, and really appreciate the feedback.


I'll give them a try. I signed up for one.

Do you archive them so viewers can view them at other times?



We sure do!  You can find them all here:

Occasional Participant

Again - the upcoming webinar is now charging a fee.  This is bad form, given that offers us a weekly webinar at no charge.  For years, I have attended the live gatherings sponsored by Constant Contact.  Why now must we pay for this webinar on top of the 95/month I already pay?   Christine