Trouble with the UI ..

I could not find the link to the contest entry form I created ... I found where I created it but could not find a link so that I could paste it into my web page ... where is the link found for these. They are posted to Facebook but even if there was a link to the Facebook page they could then click on the link to enter. Was quite frustrating searching around .. the UI is not very intuitive at least to my old brain ... there could be more shortcuts on the left navigation bar to take you to other features such as the Draw .. How do I access other services such as Surveys from this Dashboard ... I do not see any links nor to Class Scheduling ... these were both to be available in this package, I thought. Allan

Hi @Crafting_Workshops 

Thanks for posting, I am sorry to hear this is giving you trouble. You can navigate using the panel on the left but this will lead you to different areas. It sounds like what you were looking for was within the Campaigns category on the left. I find it easiest to click the links under "Activity Type" when I am looking for something specific. You would be looking for a Facebook Fan promotion here. In regards to the URL, if the campaign is published it should show live on your Facebook page but you can also click Actions and then "View" to see it on your page.

3-23-2015 8-31-53 AM.jpg


You could access Surveys in a similar way.Campaigns>Feedback & Surveys. Can you give this a try?


 Hope this helps for the future, thanks for posting your feedback on the navigation. This is important for future redesigns!

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