Trying to cancel account??

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Trying to cancel account??

Hi, I have tried to contact you by phone and sent message but have had no response! I need to cancel my account with you immediately as I do not want to pay monthly bill due in next couple of days. Please get in touch today.
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its not just me then!  I too have tried in vain to contact them but noone ever answers the phone.


Let me know how you get on.




HI @StephenL791

I see our customer success team reached out to help you today since you are international. If you need more help please let us know!



It looks like you were able to reach us a few days ago to have your account closed. Please let us know if you still need any help.


Just for reference, you do need to call into our billing team to have the account closed. They are available Monday-Friday, 7am-9pm EST.



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