The current tutorials are not based on the new templates and editor for email marketing campaigns, therefore not helpful.


Hi @BethS8192

Sorry about this -- please make sure you are logged in when accessing the help center so we are able to give you only relevant articles! 


I am non-technical.  I needed to remove a total jerk who was receiving my content.  It is not apparent from my "contacts" screen, so went to your help area.  The images used to illustrate how to delete a recipient are not the images I see on my contacts page.  Hence I was unable to follow the steps.  I had to contact customer service.


Customer service was great, but PLEASE have someone ensure that the images for any sort of "help" are up to date and are the exact images I will see.




Great customer service!

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Hi @EricW6379

Thanks for posting about this. If you access the help center using any method outside of clicking Help when you are logged in you could get the wrong FAQs. We offer several different account types and packagse so we've got FAQs for all of them. We know this is a point of difficulty and are working on ways to address it but for now the best thing to do is login to your account and click the question mark icon. This will only give you information that you have access to in your account. 

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