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I chose Constant Contact over many other [better-rated] platforms for one simple reason: you guys understand how Contact Management should work. While others tie each contact to a campaign, you leave all contacts accessible to sort and filter and tag freely. That's awesome, thanks! However, the four "tabs" at the top (Contacts, Reports, Activity, Sign-Up Tools) are barely visible and not intuitive. Make those into nice big buttons or tabs so they're more visible and it's more obvious to the user how to find things. Then, within the Sign-Up Tools, there should be a dedicated "embed code" option, as it's such a popular/essential function in growing an email database. Otherwise, very impressed so far. Keep up the great work!
Status changed to: Coming Soon
When I have a row with text left, image right, on mobile I am seeing the image drop under the copy. Is there any way to be able to protect this or be able to chose which column has priority?
Status changed to: Closed - Implemented
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