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Unsolicited Calls

Unsolicited Calls

Do you guys realize that you actually lose business by constantly making unsolicited calls to new customers?? If a new customer needs assistance he or she will call you. Just stop it. I'm now actively looking at other options because of this.
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I signed up for the trial to see if Constant Contact was a good fit for my company. Ever since, I get the rep Erica calling me every day though I asked her nicely not to. She doesn't stop. I blocked her number just to get some peace. Auuggghhhh What a way to turn off new customers!

HI @SomerR3

I am sorry to hear this! If you would like, I am happy to set your account as Do Not Call. Just let me know!


I'll be sure to pass along your feedback to the management team!

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I get a phone call from a customer service agent at least once a week. I do not have questions and I do not want to speak to anyone about the product. The calls are often made in the evenings and on the weekends--which then forward from my work phone to my personal phone. There is no way to edit account settings to request less contact. Please stop calling.

HI @LeahB899

We went ahead and changed your communitcation preferences internally so you will get less calls moving forward.


Thanks for letting us know.


HI @TedK78

Thanks for posting. I'm sorry to hear of your experience but I went ahead and changed your communication preferences to do-not-call for the future. This can take some time to update but moving forward you should not get any calls from us.


Thanks again!

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While I love Constant Contact, I am feeling harassed by the people that keep calling me wanting to talk about how I use the program, training needs, promotions, etc. I was in touch with someone via email and specifically said I was all set. He continues to call me despite our email dialogue. Please, do not have anyone call me again or I will need to cancel my subscription!
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Please add my number to the "Do not call" list. I absolutely agree the unsolicited calls are very off-putting and making my organization want to look at other options. 

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Please stop calling me!

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I see that my concern is also been brought up by others.  I have been being harassed by Scott Stokely for a couple weeks now, he has called from multiple numbers multiple times. I actually just called back today to make sure it stops and when I got off the phone, Scott was calling me from a Colorado phone number! Also he has sent me an enormous amount of emails.  If I need to contact Constant Contact or want to upgrade my subscription I will do so. I know everyone has a job and they have to fulfill it each day, but this is getting out of hand and one day you will probably have a law suit on your hands if it doesn't stop. Doing your job and harassing people multiple times a day is ridiculous.  I have had 2 emails at least already from him today and I have had now 4 phone calls between two different numbers. DO NOT CALL ME AGAIN!