Updated Subscriber Notice emails

Font size too small: when the system sends out the periodic subscriber emails, the font for the actual entries is way too small. The font size looks to be about 6.5. Can you please increase it to at least 10 pt? Thanks. 



Status changed to: Voting Open

Great Idea @ACF-OCSE


Opening this up for voting!

Status changed to: Closed - Not Enough Votes

Thanks for supplying us with your feedback. At this moment in time we will be closing this idea due to the number of votes it has received.

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I'm a Salesforce admin trying to help our communications specialist to integrate Constant Contact data with our Salesforce data.  Does anyone know if it is possible to customize Updated Subscriber Notice reports to be emailed in Excel format??? It's killing me to convert it all the time manually:(


Thank you very much for your help!!