Uploading contacts in xls

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Your processes are so buggy or tricky, they are time intensive. I should have been able to simply send my 3 column xls and be done. Instead I have have to contact support, try it several different ways. Nearly every time I edit my web site, or start an email campaign, or here, upload simple contact list files, it does not work. I spend hours fiddling with it, call support, often they can't fix, come up with a work around. I am sorry, your platform is to buggy or tricky and time intensive. You had best credit me some of my months back for my trouble, I will just have to look for something that works. Colleagues and friends tell me  works.

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Hi @JamesG1975 we're sorry to hear this is the experience you're having with your account and are always open to ways we can better our system. We can however see you were able to speak with our support to upload your contact file. With that said, what exactly are you experiencing when editing your website or creating an email campaign? Any further details you can share is helpful for troubleshooting and tracking with the appropriate teams. 

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