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Want SMS option

Want SMS option

I would like to communicate specials via text to cell


In addition to creating email reminders for an event, having the ability to allow an opt-in for a text message reminder would be a useful feature.  Any possibility this is being considered?

Status changed to: New

This is a great idea, thanks for posting! I can't speak for a timeframe but the ideas shared here help detemine future updates so keep posting! 

All Star

Text reminders are a GREAT idea, let's start there ....


I'd also like to see the option added for emails & surveys too!


For example ...

If a registrant would like to add text notifications to their profile, upon signing up, Constant Contact would then include a text message to those recipients either instead of or in addition to an email being sent to them.


These text messages should contain links to things like an event landing page, a survey, the events calendar, or even a "sent" email.  This text message could go to all event registrants or any "list" of people for that matter.


All of this would make Constant Contact an even more useful tool for all users.


Thanks for listening!


CTCT Employee

Would like to be able to send text blasts when email or event email is sent

Status changed to: Vote for this idea if you agree
I would like to send a group text to notify students when a class has been cancelled, do you have a feature like that?
Status changed to: New

Unfortunately we do not offer a feature like this at this time but thanks for posting this feedback!


Interested in adding text to contact list for instant messages.