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Want SMS option

Want SMS option

I would like to communicate specials via text to cell

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You guys really need to look at SMS messaging (text). I would like to add a group of phone numbers and send them a SMS text.
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I phoned today to inquire about mobile texting through constant contact and was told not set up as of yet. We would like to start using by early September 2016. I love working with constant contact but will be forced to use a different email provider.
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YES!  We need SMS capability, including maintaining phone #'s for SMS in Contacts.  20% of my Contacts prefer texting over email.


Hannah, is the Text-to-Join feature only for joining the email list? Not for receiving our campaigns by sms text, correct?

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I would like to have a response button to text back to us.  It adds another response option to our emails.  Especially helpful for emails opened on mobile device.


All we would need is an SMS contact list. Then we can send a text link to the campaign page on our website or on CC's website. We don't have to send the whole campaign out via text. Just the ability to SMS 1-2 lines of text to a large group of customers would work great!

I spoke with a representative today that explained that you do not provide text marketing, but put me on a list to the developers that I have requested this type of service. But, after reading that this has been requested since 2014, I am curious what direction the developers are going in. I can use a third party integration with Constant Contact, but that would just eliminate Constant Contact since my customer lists are constantly updated and stored in QuickBooks and not Constant Contact. We would happily pay the additional premium to use this service withing Constant Contact rather than use a third party as we love using Constant Contact for the ease of use.

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I have so many of our members that want me to send text messages rather than email.
Any way of doing this now, or plans for the future.
Your contact link isn't working in the header. Our new pastor is looking for a text/email app. Can your program text? He says young people text - they don't email. Thanks for your help

I agree that SMS is a spectacular idea and very necessary in the phone age. Too many people don't even use email any more. We still get a big response to our emails, but not as big as it used to be even when we had a much smaller number of contacts. We boost the response by posting ads in social media with the newsletter, which does help a lot. But SMS would give us a HUGE boost and carry us well into the future! SMS please!