Want to add new email to active automated series

You should be able to add new content to active email automations. This will allow for you emails receiving content to continuously be able to receive updated and new content without the automation ending.

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Why did CC change their auto-responder series? The old one was way better. I used to be able to activate an auto-responder - pause - edit - add in more emails - reactivate. Now I have to copy the entire thing to add in more emails and then delete the old one? I also used to be able to copy email templates (for auto-responders) from older auto-responders from even 6 months back. Now the only option is to copy templates from the most recent emails. Some of these changes are so silly and unnecessary. Please just make them easy, flexible, with the ability to copy, pause, activate, reactivate, add more emails, delete emails, copy templates from any time period, etc. Why the sudden restrictions???

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Hey @DeannaH10, I really appreciate you sending this feedback over. We've received a lot of requests for the features that you've mentioned in this thread and we are definitely looking into it. We're actively working on giving users more control over their edits as well as providing more copy options. 

When you want to make edits to your campaign, are you wanting the campaign to continue sending while you are making those edits and then once you're done, are you wanting it to start using the most updated version? Some users prefer the campaign to stop sending until the edits are made, so I'm just trying to get an understanding of what'd work best. 


From DeannaH10: 

Thank you for reaching out. Either, or, is fine by me, so long as we can continue on with our existing nurture instead of having to cancel the nurture, re-create the entire thing with the new emails, and then re-activate. The older autoresponder version allowed us to pause it, add new emails to the existing nurture, and then un-pause it. That worked great. I have my bi-weekly newsletters on an autoresponder series to save me time and help me better schedule the newsletter frequency. It’s great to be able to add to the existing nurture on an on-going basis. I also have lead nurture campaigns where, when things change in our organization, I would like to be able to make those necessary edits to the nurture emails to better nurture leads and potential customers. Again, I now can’t pause > edit > un-pause. It seems I have to cancel > re-create > activate again. It would also be great if there wasn’t a cap on the number of emails you can include on an autoresponder. Right now it’s capped at 15 emails. While we’re at it, can you please add a ‘search’ functionality to email campaigns by title or name; right now you can only search previous email campaigns by date. 

Thanks for keeping Constant Contact great!


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Hi Chris_D


Is there any progress with adding these features back into the automated series function?  I'm really frustrated that I can't add additional emails to existing autoseries, this is really limiting and particularly frustrating as CC used to offer this when we joined.  Given the feedback from many other users, I'd love to know when you're adding this back in, I feel it's a fundamental flaw of the software!

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I use auto-responder to send pre-scheduled newsletters and I had some contacts queued. They received the last email before I had the chance to schedule a new one, and now they wont be sent the new emails taht I just added because the "delay period" has passed. Now I have to create an entirely new, separate auto-responder just to add those contacts!  Why is Constant Contact's auto-responder such a major issue these past six months? So many silly nuances. Does anyone out there know of an alternative company other than Constant Contact that I can switch to?

So, I have had a legacy email series for quite some time and I want to create another series and it seems that I can't do that. There are issues with your new automation campaign that are unacceptable to me. Namely, the ability to add an email to a series after the series is activated. That means I have to create the whole sequence all at once before activating. That's nuts. I am building a series over time not all at once. Causing me to look at other platforms.
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Thanks for submitting this idea to us on our Automation campaigns! I will be opening this up to our voting section so other customers can vote and comment on this idea!


I need to be able to append more emails onto the end of an automated series in order to use constant contact to keep in touch with my customer's project lifecycles...


Agreed! This is a major setback in creating autoresponders. 

Hello, we need the ability to add to an email series after it is created instead of having to cancel and create a new series when we want to add additional email messages.
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Please consider adding the option to add to an email series as it is active! Thank you!

It would be really cool to be able to edit automation sequences and add an email without cancelling series and recreating the entire sequence again just to add a couple of emails.

Ugh!!!! Just found out I can't add an email to my series.  The old Auto version allowed this and now it is gone- why????


Looks like I'll need to copy my series to add more letters and subject some leads in my list to another round of the first letter.



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