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You should be able to add new content to active email automations. This will allow for you emails receiving content to continuously be able to receive updated and new content without the automation ending.

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I use auto-responder to send pre-scheduled newsletters and I had some contacts queued. They received the last email before I had the chance to schedule a new one, and now they wont be sent the new emails taht I just added because the "delay period" has passed. Now I have to create an entirely new, separate auto-responder just to add those contacts!  Why is Constant Contact's auto-responder such a major issue these past six months? So many silly nuances. Does anyone out there know of an alternative company other than Constant Contact that I can switch to?

So, I have had a legacy email series for quite some time and I want to create another series and it seems that I can't do that. There are issues with your new automation campaign that are unacceptable to me. Namely, the ability to add an email to a series after the series is activated. That means I have to create the whole sequence all at once before activating. That's nuts. I am building a series over time not all at once. Causing me to look at other platforms.
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Thanks for submitting this idea to us on our Automation campaigns! I will be opening this up to our voting section so other customers can vote and comment on this idea!


I need to be able to append more emails onto the end of an automated series in order to use constant contact to keep in touch with my customer's project lifecycles...


Agreed! This is a major setback in creating autoresponders. 

Hello, we need the ability to add to an email series after it is created instead of having to cancel and create a new series when we want to add additional email messages.
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Please consider adding the option to add to an email series as it is active! Thank you!

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